The European technology industry is a pioneer for privacy and data protection. The most innovative tech companies in the EU use the privacy-enhancing nature of their products as a key selling point in the competition with dominant market players.

But that competitive advantage is threatened by EU laws and regulations that risk obstructing privacy-minded businesses. Such laws impose data collection and content filter obligations on everyone from e-mail providers and search engines to messaging apps and bitcoin wallets. And they all have one thing in common: They damage the unique selling point of the hundreds of companies in Europe whose mission it is to protect their customers and uphold user privacy.

Our mission

As an industry association based in Brussels we will enable the European privacy tech industry to pool their resources and give them a strong voice in EU policy making. We engage in meaningful advocacy towards EU institutions and member states.

Our mission is to protect the digital rights of users across the internet, to achieve real legislative change, and to uphold the values upon which the European privacy tech industry is founded.

Our members

Privacy Tech Europe is an new initiative of the European privacy-enhancing technologies industry. Our members are privacy tech firms from across  Europe as well as non-European companies with an interest in the EU market.

Join us today and shape the internet of tomorrow.